flowers and all things botanical

Client Comments

Kay was able to offer ideas that were:
1. creative, trendy, simple (giving us the confidence that her skills were refined and broad, and she could cater to many different tastes and styles)
2. exactly what we wanted even when we couldn’t fully verbalize what we wanted
3. offered to us in such a way that we felt empowered to make decisions we could feel great about.

Kay is TRULY there to make it your day, to listen to you and understand your vision, and to capture that vision—not there to fulfill her art or her own artistic creativity. Kay is extremely organized. Organized, organized, organized!

When it turned out we couldn’t do things at our site that we wanted (hang things from the ceiling, etc) Kay was very flexible and came up with ideas that achieved the same kind of look but worked within the rules. Kay genuinely cares about achieving a look that will make you happy.

I highly, highly recommend Kay. She wound up doing a lot of the coordination because a lot of people were late or disorganized. She helped calm everyone down and get things done; she made the whole wedding.

Kay really listened to my description of what I wanted and was able to interpret that to a T—my flowers were stunning.

Kay’s passion for what she does and her commitment to her clients is obvious when you see the richness of her work.

Kay has unusually sophisticated designs, high-quality flowers and friendly service. Her choice of flowers was brilliant and the colors and scent were wonderful.

Helping a client understand what they want when it is difficult for them to articulate it on their own is one a Kay’s gifts to her clients.

…Kay also does planters, pots for outside of your home. She recently updated my pots for Spring and they look fantastic. I could not be happier.